Measuring accuracy

The easiest way to do this is to attach a dial indicator and to move a axis back and forth hoping that the indicator will show more or less the same value every time. The following is my test gcode:

G90 (absolute positioning)
G53 G0 X150 (move in machine coordinates)
G53 G0 Y220 (move in machine coordinates)
G53 G1 X176.8 F600 (move in machine coordinates)
G61 (absolut position mode with stop)
G91 (relative positioning)
(MSG, Please adjust the indicator dial)
M0 (pause program)
M199 P60 (capture video for 60 seconds)

O101 repeat [30] (go back and forth for about a minute)
  G1 X-90 F6000
  G1 X90 F6000
  G4 P0.5 (Dwell / wait for 0.5 seconds before proceeding)
o101 endrepeat


As you can see the machine is quite ok 🙂 If you wonder how M199 is working check this site…


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