Last Minute Halloween “costume”

I’m not exactly a friend of Halloween for some reasons which don’t really matter for this build. Anyway, it’s Saturday afternoon and the only decent party in town is a Halloween party. Well, as it was on the weekend after Halloween this wasn’t really a surprise but a little late for building a costume. Both costume ideas I had (Dexter or Walter White)  would have meant a pretty drastic change in my hairstyle which a didn’t fancy. And wearing wigs sucks. So back to the drawing board. After realizing that Halloween sucks from my point of view but the costume party is really fun (i have been there last year as well) i decided to do the obvious. With a piece of acrylic glas, duct tape, a cable binder, some string, half a meter of led stripe, two battery holders of 4 AA batteries each and some wiring, a switch and a couple of (nonalcoholic) beers the following was put together.

Worn in front of my chest it was getting me quite some attention without wearing a costume.This probably had something to do with the approx. 2.4Watt of LED which really create a kind of light orb around you in a rather dark misty room with Halloween decoration. Luckily I forgot to mirror the sign before milling. If you turn it around it’s hurting your eyes if you try to look at it (because of the V-shaped cut which is reflecting the light towards the viewer). Doing it “wrong” has also the advantage of a 3D effect when watching it at an angle. Just look on the “s” of sucks.. It really was a fun evening. Milling setup was a 22mm 60degree V-Nut mill, 15mm/s feedrate, 1mm cutting depth and mist cooling (water+dish soap). The cut is a little rough, probably because I milled it in one path.

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