Watch your machine from afar

You like watching the life preview of the axis gui via VNC? But you would really like to see what your machine is really doing to ensure that it’s neither on fire nor destroying itself? Well, than just hook up a webcam and start a webcam viewer like cheese (which btw. can also take pictures and record movies) and watch it via vnc.

Actually this is killing my CPU (Dual Atom 330 with 1.8MHz) and the system gets pretty unresponsive (while still milling fine). Thats no surprise since watching video/animated stuff via VNC is plain stupid. But it does the job. Especially if you adjust vnc quality and (if possible) the framerate of the webca, There are plenty of possibilities to stream the video efficiently, just search the net… I gave ffmpeg / ffserver a shot, seems to work quite well.

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