BZT PF-600P Setup

First of all download LinuxCNC here and burn the .iso to a CD or USB Stick. Run it in life cd mode and start the latency test (Main Menu->CNC->Latency Test). Let it run for at least 15 min and abuse your system as good as you can (run glxgears in multiple instance, start several videos at once, …). If your max jitter is less than 30000ns and you are using a similar controller to mine (BZT ST44.1 with Leadshine M542 stepper drives) just reboot, install and skip to last paragraph of this page.

If your jitter is higher you can use this guide to try to improve it and/or switch hardware. If you are using stepper drives with different timing constraints you have to use the same guide to calculate proper setting bringing together your computer with your stepper drives.

If your jitter is alright just untar the attached .tgz to /home/youruser/linuxcnc/configs, change the address of your parallel port in BZTPF600P.hal, tune the timings if needed and you’re good to go. Beware: I take no responsibility for the usage of these files. If your machine breaks down, kills your cat or any other harm is inflicted it’s your fault. You have been warned.

Be careful when you start up. Activate the charge pump (red button which looks like the power button on a tv remote control) and the manual control panel unlocks. Check the ESTOP (big red button on you mill) first to the if it works. Then carefully jog each axis and ensure that +/- align is alright. Disconnect the steppers, hit the Home All Button and test the end switches one by one. After that it’s a good idea to measure whether the travel distance in software and hardware match up, for example with a indicator dial. That way you can ensure that you got the scale right, the stepper are not loosing steps, …

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