DMX Color Chooser

Do you know the situation where you have some DMX lamps and you just want to pick a color which they should display every time you power them up? Most of the times they don’t store the information which color you chose, they don’t let you choose colors without a DMX Controller, they go to pitch black if they receive no DMX Signal, … One solution (if you don’t need to much channels) is to buy a cheap Controller for thirty-something Euro. But if it’s Sunday and you want it to happen today you build one…

The circuit is pretty much the standard DMX Shield for the arduino, I just added for buttons for the “user interface”.

 Board Layout


The usage is pretty simple: One button switches the mode (Red, Green, Blue) the two buttons in the middle increase/decrease the intensity and the last button stores the values to the eeprom.

It’s not too fancy, more or less some input from the quick&dirty department…

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